F1 Spayed Female – Ming


Her name is Ming. She is about 10 years old. Ming spent most of her life as a breeding queen in a cattery. She spent many years in Southern CA with Julia Dent of Avalon Savannahs, a breeder who is known to believe that F1 Savannahs are not meant to be domesticated pets. They did not live in her family home and were not socialized the way a pet should be. When this breeder retired from breeding Savannah Cats, she sold most of her unaltered breeding cats. Sadly this is not the first one we’ve seen. Ming was sold to Stacey Foster, a breeder in Manassas VA who was breeding Pixie Bobs as well. She also did not keep her breeding animals as pets. Unfortunately, we do not know the rest of her history or if there is any more to it.

In May we were contacted by Prince William County, VA animal control about a possible F1 Savannah that was going to be either surrendered or confiscated. They asked if we would take the cat into our rescue. Getting her into rescue was quite a long process. As the time went on the reports about her living conditions grew increasingly worse. The woman that had her, had suffered some kind of accident and it was becoming more and more difficult for her to care for the many cats that she had. Ming and many other cats were being kept in rather small cages in a on the property without climate control or exercise. The owner agreed to “voluntarily surrender” her animals to avoid them being confiscated and being charged with mistreatment.

She didn’t enter our rescue until June 24th.Since then she has been vetted, spayed, updated on her vaccines, had her teeth cleaned and has been treated for all parasites. She is completely healthy and in great condition now.

Ming’s foster mom says that she hisses and growls if you get too close to her (3-5 ft away) but never acts aggressively towards people she just runs and hides. She does not spray. She says that Ming loves cat trees to scratch and climb, that she will play with feather wands even races around the room like she’s still a kitten. Her foster mom says she’s always starving but won’t eat dry kibble. She likes raw meat or wet cat food.

It seems, other cats are a completely different story for Ming. She is willing to ignore another docile cat but will attempt to pick fights with more dominant/ feisty cats. She did need to be sedated at the vet’s office but her foster Mom was able to crate her without any problem. She is not currently able to be handled because of her aversion to being touched. She needs someone who is willing and able to spend the time with her to earn her trust. She requires someone who is not going to be intimidated by her posturing and is willing to work with her but also be willing to understand and accept her even if she is never fully able to become a pet.

What we are looking for in a home: We are looking for a quiet home with no small children and 0 to 1 other pets. Homes with children 12 and over only will be considered. A home with no other cats would be best but one other docile male could possibly be considered. To our knowledge, Ming has never been exposed to dogs so they can be considered on a case by case basis. Dogs that prefer to ignore the existence of cats and/or have lived with a feisty cat before are likely the best bet. Ming has had access to the outdoors via enclosure for most of her life so a home with an attached enclosure would benefit her greatly.
Interested homes should have: The time and patience to work with Ming daily. The understanding that she is a long term project, meaning months to years not weeks to months and that a her age she may not ever come to fully trust people in the sense that she will allow herself to be handled or cuddled.

Qualified homes should send inquiries with qualifying information to info@svrescue.com

Basic Information 
Generation: F1
Age: 10 (estimate)
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Virginia
Shipping: Possible for the right home
Situation: Foster home
Availability: Adopt
Children: No young children
Suitable with other pets: One other extremely passive male cat possible
Behavioral/Health issues disclosed? not socialized, has never been a pet
Pictures: Below. .
Adoption fee: $200
Contact: info@svrescue.com

Reply: We need information about your home to be able to determine if it is the best fit for Ming. Failing to give us any information delays the progress of your application…and may result in another home being found more suitable.

Please check your state and city/county laws to confirm that Savannahs are allowed where you live. www.hybridlaw.com is a good place to start your search. F1 Savannah Cats require a permit in Hanover County, VA. You must have a permit (and prove it) to be considered for adoption if you reside in this county.

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