Guidelines to Post a Cat on SavannahCatsAvailable IO Group

You do not have to join the GROUP to post a cat, just send an email to Savannah Cat Rehoming. All replies will go directly to you.

All posts are moderated, so it may take a little while for it to be approved and show up on the webpage and in members’ email accounts.

The cat must be at least 6 months old, no kittens please.

No groups of cats or older kittens posted at once. Pairs of bonded pet cats are allowed though.

Any adoption fee is limited to a maximum of $500. This is not intended to be a normal classified list but a list to help owners rehome their pets and breeders to rehome retired breeding cats.

Savannah Rescue does advise asking for an adoption fee as “free” cats can be viewed as disposable, but suggests something like $100-200 instead of this maximum amount. If you really do not want any money for your cat, consider asking for that fee to be paid as a donation to Savannah Rescue to help other cats.

Requirements of the email posted:
• Subject line contains generation and sex of cat plus general location (town, state)
• Body of email text gives a name to the cat and describes their personality, and what type of home would be suitable.
• Mention if cat is good with other cats, dogs, children, other people.
• Adoption fee must be mentioned.
• Mention if shipping would be considered to the right home. Shipping charges can be additional but should not run more than $300 extra. Savannah Rescue can walk you through the shipping process if required.
• Consider attaching a picture or two to your email so that people can see the cat.

NOTE: Savannah Rescue advises pet owners to try to place their cats via this Yahoo group before considering surrendering to Rescue. We do that for a number of reasons. Firstly, this cuts out the foster home step for the cat so will reduce the stress and anxiety that rehoming will doubtless cause the cat. Secondly, this gives you, the owner, the decision on which home would be best for your pet. You know your pet best and therefore are likely to be the better person to make that decision. Thirdly, when a cat needs to be rehomed swiftly this often is the quickest route.

Savannah Rescue will arrange a foster home if you cannot find a home for your Savannah this way, or find that this method does not suit your situation.