Savannah Cat Breeder with NO Responsibility

Savannah Rescue appreciates that most of the breeders of Savannahs are good breeders that understand that their responsibility to the cats they birth and raise at their cattery last for the lifetime of that cat, not just until they receive money from a buyer. We believe that taking responsibility for one’s cats is an indicator of a good breeder, hence we also feel that we should disclose the breeders that refuse to take responsibility for their cats. Listed below are the breeders that we have contacted in the past about surrendered Savannahs that have refused to come to their cat’s aid.

  • Kelli Hardy – Wild Tafari – Alabama
  • Connie Cutbirth – Amore Savannahs – California
  • Michelle Rossi – Puncia Cats Savannahs – California
  • Taran Nolan – Domestic Wildcats – California
  • PJ  Reichelt – PJ’s Exotics – California
  • Julia Dent – Avalon Savannahs – California
  • Michelle Schaeffer-Montijo – Seaside Hills Savannahs
  • Ashley Joseph – Hannah Savannahs – Florida
  • Richard Tramblay – Crystal Hills Savannahs – Illinois
  • Michelle Mills – F1 Hybrids Savannahs – Tennessee