Savannah Cat Lolli

We have a special needs Savannah currently needing a great home!


Lollipop is a spayed F4C Savannah female. She is disabled from a spinal injury, although still mobile she does have incontinence issues. Although customized low-sided litterboxes have improved the situation, when not supervised she does need constant diapering. This is a huge commitment and not to be taken lightly.

Lolli has had urinary tract infections, likely related to her injury. She will need constant monitoring as well as occasional antibiotics. Urinary health supplements have been reported to help her.

Lolli would do better in a home without other cats or maybe one docile neutered male cat, she does well with dogs. She needs to be in a home without small children, she is great with them but may nip if grabbed. The constant diapering can put her in a tetchy mood.


Sadly, Lollipop has now been placed TWICE into homes that said they were up to the challenge, but have thence asked us to place her again. We feel that we are being open about the commitment that Lolli requires, but that maybe people don’t fully believe the situation truly is as stated.

Lolli is currently in Lynwood, WA. Please contact referencing Lollipop in the subject line if you could offer Lolli a great home. We need you to convince us that you truly understand the commitment to care that Lolli requires and that you will absolutely be the LAST home for her!

Please don’t just email that you want her, we need a description of your home, why it fits Lolli’s requirements AND some explanation that shows that you understand her needs in a forever home.


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