Savannah Cat Tau Obi

Tau Obi is a beautifully colored neutered F5 who continues his search for a forever home. At just 7 years old, he has many playful years left—after all savannahs never really grow up!

Tau Obi

He arrived at his foster home with severe dental issues most likely attributed to a lack of regular vet care in his previous life. Those issues have been resolved and he has a completely clean bill of health.

He’s social, contented, loves to be with his people, and is affectionate with all members of his foster family–except their resident Bengal Princess who is not happy with his presence in her space and hence we are looking for a new home for him. He is described as very, very sweet with a great temperament and will make someone a wonderful companion. He’s social and wants to be in whatever room his humans are. He’s great with kids who carry him around, cuddles in his mom’s lap and sleeps in the son’s bed at night.

Since we have not found a local home, we are expanding the search and may be willing to ship Tau to the perfect home.

Originally posted as needing to be an only pet, we will consider homes with one other laid back kitty, preferably a spayed female. Please carefully consider the nature of your existing cat before applying. Tau will likely need to be the dominate kitty in the household so needs any companion to be docile and nonreactive.

If you are interested in adopting Tau Obi, please send us an email describing your home, why you think Tau would be a good fit for your family, and where you are located.