Adopted – F2 Savannah Cat Lola

Basic Information:

Generation: F2

Age: 6 Years

Sex: Spayed

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Shipping: May Be Available at Adopters Expense

Situation: Being surrendered by current owner

Availability: Intent to Adopt

Children: Has been around older children

Pets: A dog might be a possibility

Behavioral/Health issues disclosed? Lola is a very dominant F2 but very loving…she uses the litterbox faithfully…Lola was a breeding cat from Ivory Coast Savannahs, which no longer breeds savannahs. She has been through three homes now, since sold as a breeder, so needs lots of love, stability and patience.

Further information:

Lola is a beautiful F2 savannah female, surrendered by her owner because she does not get along with his other cats.

Lola is very dominant and may do ok with a dog. She is said to be loving and faithful and follows her current owner everywhere. She loves to be around people and should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Lola needs a loving, patient home…she will come to you on her terms, is not a lap cat, but does like to lie next to you and loves to be petted. However, you must also pet her on her terms…she may nip if over stimulated.

Lola is up to date on her vaccines, according to the owner.


Lola - F2 Savannah Female Lola Showing off Her Ocelli Lola Sleeping Soundly





Adoption fee: $200


Reply: should include not only the location of the home offering, but a short description of the household and why it is suitable for “Lola” given the information we have included. Please do not apply if you have other cats in the home as we cannot consider you.

Please check your state and city/county laws to confirm that Savannahs are allowed where you live. is a good place to start your search.

Additionally, due to the huge influx of offers we often receive for a given cat, when an offer is received that disregards crucial needs the cat has for a home, we may not find time to reply to those offers. We need to prioritize our time to responding to homes that have read the selection criteria and have addressed these needs in the email they have sent. Thank you in advance for your understanding.