Rafiki is a handsome, neutered F5 male savannah born July 2008, and is in search of a new home.  His human is going thru very difficult times, had to move and Rafiki isn’t dealing well with all the stresses he is encountering.

He’s a very sweet boy bonded to his human and kitty friend but is so upset with all the changes in his world he is literally pinging off the walls and has jumped off his new apartment’s balcony several times.  He’s in need of attention, stability and routine.  He is quite active and his new home should have lots of room for him to run and interact—an enclosure or closed in patio would be perfect, and older children only.

He’s described as somewhat ok with dogs, and is used to living with another kitty although we would recommend introductions go very, very slowly due to the stress he’s feeling.  He has perfect litter box habits.

If you’re within driving distance of Pleasant Hill Ca, and think Rafiki would be a good fit with your family, please email   info@svrescue.com and put Rafiki on the title line.  This is extremely important as we are interviewing for several different cats right now and if we’re unable to tell which kitty you’re applying for, your application will be deleted.   Please include a description of the home you’re offering, how you would plan to gain the confidence and trust of Rafiki and indicate if you’re offering to foster or foster with the intent to adopt.  We would like to get him in a home asap.

 We will not ship Rafiki at this time.

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